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Selling manga, CD, magazines, merchandise, DS game

Hello! I'm having really hard times right now, I as hard as it is to part with these, I need to get money some how. I hope you can take a look!

Manga (all English):
The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross 1, 2
Hana-kimi 2, 4, 7
Hot Gimmick 1
Evangelion Angelic Days 1
The Descendents of Darkness 4, 6

Anime Magazines (all English):
Various Issues of Otaku USA
(Featuring such anime of the covers, "Kuroshitsuji, Hetalia, FMA, etc.")
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Various J people, but most are Chiaki Kuriyama(love her). Just started really making icons and all, so they're not that amazing.

Icon [19]
Chiaki Kuriyama[9]
Tatsuya Fujiwara[3]
Tomiko Van[1]
Namie Amuro[1]
Anna Tsuchiya[1]
NANA movie[1]

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Hey I entered A Corpse Bride peotry contest, though I'm not a very good poet. Come vote for me if you feel like it, that'd be cool!

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